Connecting your Midi

1) Setting up the Midi Driver

  1. On a Mac, open the "Audio-Midi Setup" app.
  2. In the menu, select Window > Midi-Studio.
  3. Double Click "IAC Driver".
  4. Make sure "Device is ready" is checked.
  1. On a Windows PC, install loopMidi.
Check out Ableton's guide for more information and screenshots (applies to all DAWs).

2) Enable the Midi device in your DAW

Depending on the DAW you use, there might be additional steps you have to take.
In Ableton Live, open up Preferences > Link | Tempo | Midi. Under "Midi Ports" there is an entry called "In: IAC Driver". Make sure "Track" and "Remote" is checked.

3) Enable Midi in Songmine

Click the Midi switch on the top right in Songmine, then click the three dots and select "Output: IAC Driver".

4) Optional: Enable transport control

Use your DAW's Midi learn feature to connect the transport controls of Songmine.
In Ableton Live, click "MIDI" on the top right. Click the play button in Ableton Live, then click the play button in Songmine. Repeat for Stop and Record. Click "MIDI" again to exit Midi learn.